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PORTSHINTS(1) General Commands Manual (sparc64) PORTSHINTS(1)

portshintsStuff about port building I allways forget

User settings. If set to ‘Yes’, the package target will download packages missing from the repository from locations in ${PKG_PATH} and place them into ${PACKAGE_REPOSITORY}/${MACHINE_ARCH}/cache/. It will only build them if no suitable packages are found.

Create the ${CHECKSUM_FILE} list of recorded checksums by running the cryptographic fingerprint sha256 on ${MAKESUMFILES}. That normally includes ${DISTFILES}, ${SUPDISTFILES} and ${PATCHFILES}. NO_CHECKSUM can be used to avoid all checksumming steps.
Check distribution archives and distribution patches control sum against the results recorded in ${CHECKSUM_FILE}, using the message digest (checksum) utilities listed in ${PREFERRED_CIPHERS}. All the files needed to recreate a port should be in ${CHECKSUMFILES} and checksummed. Invoking checksum with REFETCH=true will try to fetch a version with the correct checksum from the OpenBSD main archive site in the case of a checksum mismatch. NO_CHECKSUM can be used to avoid all checksumming steps.
Extract the distribution files under ${WRKDIR} (but see EXTRACT_ONLY and NO_DEPENDS). Refer to EXTRACT_CASES for a complete description. Do not use pre-extract and do-extract hooks.
build, all
Default target. Build the port. Essentially invoke
Loop until it builds
make build
cd `make show=WRKSRC`
cp foo/bar.c{,.orig}
mg foo/bar.c
cd - ; make update-patches
make clean patch
Do a fake port installation, that is, simulate the port installation under ${WRKINST}.
create plist


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